The Rex Guinea Pig emerges from the guinea pig species , which are rodents belonging to the family Caviidea. As their name spells, they don’t come from guinea, but from Andes, South America. They appear to be small and adorable species with short hair which protects their coat from moisture. They only grow between 20 to 45 cm! They come in different colors along with varying hair types due to the process of reproduction from interbreeding. The perfect breeding period for a female guinea pig is at least 20 weeks of age and before 1 year old. The gestation period can last between 65 to 72 days. The Rex guinea pig on an average can produce 3 young litters. They have a broad head and a small face with bright eyes which are large. They have long ears in addition to their rough coat. The ears are petal shaped and coat is curly. The coat of the animal is very distinguishing. They have short guard hairs which makes the coat curl and stand erect. The coat is also woolly, dense and short which makes them a soft pet to be held.
Considering diet, they require a well balanced and nutritious guinea mix which contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Along with this , they also consume fruits and vegetables. Make sure that too much of fruits and vegetables are not given as this can lead to diarrhea. Among the leafy vegetables, too much of lettuce can create liver problems. As this breed don’t produce their own vitamin C, they need to consume fresh vegetables, especially in the winter months when vegetables are limited. They also require water which can be provided through a water bottle fixed to the exterior of the cage, with water tube going into the interior. They require a normal cage with preferably plastic base. An earthen bowl is the best to be used for the purpose of feeding than a plastic one as they are harder to be knocked over and not chewable. They also require daily exercise to maintain a health lifetime. It is recommended that they a separate space for exercising and sleeping. The cage should be cleaned weekly to maintain hygiene.
They also go well with family members, especially children. The Rex guinea pig is also fond of getting handled and stroked. They like to have someone spent time on their coat. These pets are easy to be looked after and don’t require much of an attention. Children quickly develop a strong bond with this type of pets and spent time with them. They also become accustomed to your voice and recognize it each time they hear you. As these pets are highly sociable creature, they never should be left alone. They always need to be in pair or groups. The cage they live in should be furnished with boxes and tubes for the guinea pig to hide and play. Some of them are active at the night time. On an average, they live between 5 to 6 years depending on the environment and care they receive from owner.

On the whole, they are adorable, cute and loving creature which can mingle and be a blessing for any house!
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